SafeRayz Dental XRay Holder

You would like to think it was just one time. Or was it?


A clinician labors over a patient struggling with the positioning of an X-ray sensor. They make a split-second decision to support the sensor with their finger to finally get the necessary diagnostic image. As a clinician, you know this happens way more often than it should. Even one time is considered one time too many. As a dentist, you know this is a serious issue which can affect your practice in numerous ways.


The risk of radiation exposure happens all too often, simply because of the lack of a solution. NOT ANYMORE! Protect your digits with a tool that can help capture dental X-ray images effectively and more efficiently without putting your hands or your practice at risk. Protect your staff and the investment you have in them with Safe RayZ™.

Significantly Improves X-ray Safety And Protection

  • A safe, hands-free-from-sensors and realistic solution for dental providers who have a high rate of difficulty obtaining accurate dental X-ray images.
  • Safe RayZ™ allows the user to manually hold an X-ray sensor in the most conducive position for an ideal image with appropriate lead equivalent protection. Kavo’s Nomad® determined 2.2mm of Ecomass to be equivalent to 0.5mm of lead.
  • Ball joint mechanism allows for quick customization — allows for taking bitewings and anterior/posterior peri-apical images without changing the sensor cover.
  • A high-caliber dental tool perfected for safety and proficiency

Delivers Quality Assurance

  • Significantly amplifies the safety of providers who use portable dental X-rays.
  • Helps a dental practice ensure that safety measures are being met and are compliant with OSHA, ICRP, ADA, etc.
  • Increased protection assures the welfare and well-being of providers, especially those who take dental X-rays multiple times per day, every day.
  • Beneficial to other professionals for safety, compliance, and protection of those who frequently use portable radiography (veterinary practices, medical staff, etc.).

Increased Efficiency

  • Faster imaging with the need for only one sensor cover versus multiple covers utilized in other systems.
  • The sleek design allows for dexterity and a trouble-free fit.
  • Nimble manipulation accelerates sensor repositioning (# sets x # patients x # appointments).
  • For every practice, SAVING TIME = SAVING MONEY.

Patient Benefits

  • The sleek design is less invasive and delivers more comfort than traditional holders.
  • Less bulk decreases gag reflex, especially for pediatric or “difficult” patients.
  • The streamlined tool lessens the chance of pain or pinching making for a better overall experience.
  • Faster set-up, manipulation and process that ultimately decreases patient anxiety.
  • Quicker imaging = happier patients = a happier practice.

Why Safe RayZ™

Invented by a dentist and hygienist with a combined 35 years of experience in dentistry, Safe RayZ™ is a tool used to assist clinicians to effectively and efficiently capture X-rays without putting their health at risk. A happier patient and a happier practice, gives Safe RayZ™ two thumbs up!

Safe RayZ™ is a new product developed for dentists, hygienists, and assistants which SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVES X-RAY SAFETY AND PROTECTION, provides QUALITY ASSURANCE to dental practices and improves the patient’s experience.

  • Streamlined Design – NO NEED FOR MULTIPLE ATTACHMENTS – with one sensor cover to take bitewings, posterior/anterior peri-apical images.
  • Slim Design – allows for a clear view of a sensor/phosphor plate placement, from various positions.
  • Lead free injection molded Ecomass® shield is RoHS compliant and has no contents considered hazardous or toxic by the EPA. View the professional case study here.
  • XCP Attachment – Allow for combining the Safe RayZ™ shield with existing XCP systems

Ball Joint Configuration Options

Anterior Peri-Apical Position

Anterior Peri-Apical Position

Bitewing Position

Bitewing Position

Mandibular Peri-Apical Position

Mandibular Peri-Apical Position

Maxillary Peri-Apical Position

Maxillary Peri-Apical Position

Safe RayZ™ Products

Safe RayZ Starter Kit Full Assembly

A new product developed for dentists, hygienists and assistants!

SAFE RAYZ™ Large Bracket Turquoise

BOX OF 40 Designed for Dexis Titanium, but also compatible with Dexis Platinum

SAFE RAYZ™ Small Bracket Green

BOX OF 40 Designed for Gendex Size 1, but also compatible with most other size 1 sensors, to include Kavo IXS, Progeny, and Schick 33.

SOLD SAFE RAYZ™ Medium Bracket Purple

Coming in 2024! BOX OF 40 Designed for Gendex Size 2 sensors, but also compatible with most other size 2 sensors.

SOLD SafeRayz Lexington Kentucky

Coming in 2024! BOX OF 40 Designed for Gendex Size 0 sensors, but also compatible with most other size 0 sensors.


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